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Disadvantage is a very real problem in Australia today. But for many more privileged Australians it’s hard to understand what it is like to walk in the shoes of disadvantaged Australian children.

Family News, our bi-monthly e-newsletter, shares firsthand stories from some of the children and families we support. We also aim to provide you with an overview of current Smith Family events, activities, volunteer opportunities and research results.

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Latest series

Sally sitting at desk

In the latest series, Family News will follow the lives of 12 year old Melanie, a Learning for Life student since 2008 and Sally, a Learning for Life Program Coordinator who has been with The Smith Family for five years.

You'll have the chance to hear about Melanie's challenges and achievements with her schooling along with Sally's experiences about the tangible impact of The Smith Family's work. We hope you enjoy reading their stories below.

Melanie's first high school report

Sally helps students to broaden their horizons

Melanie's proud of her mum's education milestone

Early learning support gives children a chance

Melanie thrives at high school

Sally celebrates student graduations

Melanie feels confident about starting high school

Sally reflects on the success of student2student

How Melanie went from behind in class to school captain

Sally helps students in need build aspirations

Learning for Life support sees Melanie flourish

Sally is making a difference in her community

Previous series

From July 2012 to June 2013, the first series of Family News followed students Crystal and Bailey and watched their skills increase and confidence grow (and in Bailey's case, his height too!). There were some ups and downs but thanks to the commitment of the students themselves, their parents, and the support of The Smith Family, they persevered. Crystal and Bailey now have the opportunities and supportive relationships they need to get the most out of their education so they can create better futures for themselves.

Crystal establishes a clear vision for her future

Bailey's high hopes for his future

Crytal standing behind a book case in the library