One little girl

Hailey lives in poverty. She has to sleep in the lounge room because there aren’t enough bedrooms in her house. Her family’s financial difficulties at home mean she often has to go without.

With her dad in poor health and her mum absent, Hailey doesn’t have anyone to help her with the extra learning support she needs.

This is how poverty and disadvantage continue, generation after generation. Not because of a lack of care, but a lack of opportunity and support.

Winter Appeal - Hailey in corridor

One bad experience after another

Winter Appeal - Hailey in playground

One bad experience after another

When Hailey started school, she was excited to make new friends and have new experiences. She thought school would be a place where she could be happier.

She was wrong. Hailey soon found out that she couldn’t keep up with everything her teacher was explaining and she struggled to play maths games with her classmates.

She wasn’t as quick with reading out loud and took much longer to understand the words. The other children laughed at her. She just wanted to cry.

One day at a time, Hailey withdrew. She didn’t know how to engage in class. She wished she was invisible.

How do you end poverty in Australia? Start with Hailey.
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One in seven Australian children and young people are living in poverty

In Australia today, too many children and young people are having their futures defined by the circumstances they are born into. Through no fault of their own, children like Hailey struggle to catch up and keep up with their peers at school.

The difficulties these children face at home often go on to negatively affect their school life. They start school behind their classmates and without extra learning support, they stay behind.

One in seven

ACOSS Poverty Report, 2016.

One day at a time

Winter Appeal - Hailey reading

One day at a time

The way forward for children like Hailey happens one step at a time. It is made up of small milestones which add up to big outcomes. The Smith Family’s proven learning programs provide children living in poverty the balanced, long-term support they need to be able to thrive at school.

Hailey has just met her Learning for Life Coordinator and is about to begin our Learning for Life program. Soon she will experience the sense of achievement that comes with learning a big word or solving a complex maths problem.

One day at a time this extra support will help her overcome the obstacles that are holding her back in class.

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Are you the one that could help Hailey?

Hailey is naturally bright but she needs support and people who can help her believe in herself. When you give to The Smith Family, you show children like Hailey that they are not alone.

By providing Hailey with out-of-school learning support this year you will help her catch up, keep up and stay engaged at school. Please help Hailey and thousands of children like her get access to Learning for Life programs in Terms 3 and 4.

Will you help provide crucial support to 9,710 children just like Hailey? We need to raise $4.1 million by 30 June to make this possible. You can be the one to help them reach their full potential.

Winter Appeal - Hailey in classroom

* Hailey’s name, location and associated images have been changed to protect her identity.