Working with us

We’re looking for people, who like us, really care about helping some of the most disadvantaged in our society – vulnerable kids and their families.

We’ve come along from our beginning in 1922, when five businessmen had the idea of making the world around them a little better for some orphans at Christmas.

Today we have over 600 passionate team members, plus our amazing volunteers, all working together to build a better future for young Australians in need.

We do this by helping Australia’s most vulnerable kids fully participate in education through a range of programs. We help ensure they acquire the skills and knowledge that will best equip them for a future of opportunity and choice.

Your role, in whichever team you join, will play an essential part in helping us positively change lives.

Careers, work with us

Our Employment Promise

“I love the people I work with - they're passionate about what we're trying to achieve. They're team players and we all pitch in to achieve results. They're supportive. There's something unique about people who choose to work in the NFP sector - their first priority isn't about money, it's about positively contributing to the community in which we live.”

A Smith Family Employee

Here at The Smith Family we have an Employment Promise we make to all our team members. This is what our team members say they gain from working with us and what they say they give back to our organisation.

What our team members say they gain from working with us:

  • Work-life balance and flexibility
  • Committed, passionate and professional team members
  • Challenging / fulfilling / interesting / diverse work 

What our team members say they give back to us:

  • Commitment to our vision, mission, values and strategy
  • Delivery on performance expectations
  • Working collaboratively as a team player